13 Georgia Grown ‘Peach Pit Stops’

13 Georgia Grown ‘Peach Pit Stops’

Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it a bountiful crop of juicy Georgia peaches. Our Peach State farmers have perfected the art of peach growing, so add some of these Georgia Grown ‘Peach Pit Stops’ to your summer bucket list! (Be sure to call ahead to check for availability).

 1.  Mercier Orchards- Blue Ridge

Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge is a family owned and operated orchard now in its fourth generation. Established in 1943, Mercier Orchards is now celebrating over 70 years of fruitful harvest!

2.  R&A Orchards- Ellijay

R&A Orchards Roadside Market may be in Ellijay, Georgia’s apple country, but that doesn't mean they don't grow some delicious peaches as well. The Futch family established a multi-generational family orchard business starting in 1947 and has been going strong since.

3.  Mack Aaron’s Apple House- Ellijay

Mack Aaron's Apple House has a history of expertise in growing apples in Gilmer County that dates back to 1944. Of course, they are known for their apples, but from July through Labor Day the Apple House has seven varieties of fresh Georgia peaches available for purchase!

4.  BJ Reece Orchards- Ellijay

Another stop in the heart of apple country, B.J. Reece Orchards has been in operation since the early 1960s. This fun-filled agritourism site is home to 30 acres of peach trees!

5.  Jaemor Farms- Alto

With 120-acres devoted to its peach orchard and over 100 years of experience, Jaemor Farms in Alto is the perfect place to find hand-picked peaches fresh from the farm. Jaemor harvests over 30 varieties of peaches which they sell at their on-farm, roadside market in Alto and at their satellite market located in Commerce.

6.  Southern Belle Farm- McDonough

Southern Belle Farm, originally established as a dairy operation, has seen five generations of farmers. In 1986, the Carter family sold out of the dairy business to pursue other endeavors. The farm is now a popular agritourism destination with u-pick activities and fresh produce — including peaches.

7.  Gregg Farms- Concord

In the early 1970s, Gregg Farms began selling peaches to the public. John and Patsy Gregg started the u-pick/we-pick farm with the help of their two sons. The orchard has been thriving for well over 40 years. With experience like that, Gregg peaches are sure to be a treat!


8.  Fitzgerald Fruit Farm- Woodbury

Incorporated in 2008, Fitzgerald Fruit Farms is a newer operation in comparison to some of the farms on our list, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the quality of their peaches. This farm prides itself on innovative practices and stewardship, producing some of the highest quality peaches in the state.

9.  Dickey Farms- Musella

Dickey Farms is a multigenerational family farm located in the very heart of Georgia. With over 120 years of experience in growing peaches, the Dickey family knows a thing or two about growing the perfect peach. Home to the state’s oldest, continuously operating peach packinghouse, a tour of Dickey Farms is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon.

10.  Pearson Farms- Fort Valley

Another long-standing name in Georgia’s peach industry, the Pearson family has been farming in Crawford County for over 130 years. During peach season, the Pearson family welcomes and encourages visitors to stop by their packing house to peruse their selection of delicious Georgia peaches.

11.  Lane Southern Orchards- Fort Valley

Lane has been growing peaches and pecans since 1908. With 6,000 acres of orchards and 35 varieties of peaches, this popular agritourism location certainly has a bountiful selection. Whether you make a day of it or stop by just to grab a peck of peaches, a trip to Lane Southern Orchards is sure to be just peachy.

12.  Berry Good Farms- Tifton

Conveniently located just off I-75 in Tifton, Berry Good Farms is a seasonal, family-oriented farm that is committed to providing consumers with clean, fresh produce. Stop by and get a taste of their sweet South Georgia peaches!

13.  Southern Grace Farms- Enigma

Southern Grace Farms is a seventh-generation farm started in 1774 as a traditional row crop farm, and the McMillan family continues to grow those same traditional south Georgia crops today-- however, in 1999 Southern Grace began to grow u-pick strawberries and blackberries. With fresh Georgia peaches also for sale, this agritourism favorite is peach perfect.

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