BlinkR™ Series 1000 Now Available

Atlanta, GA, September 27, 2017 – Blink Astro, LLC (Blink) announces that following the success of several field tests, BlinkR™ Series 1000 units are now available for purchase. BlinkRs™ are outdoor data loggers and transmitters created for short-burst data transmission applications such as precision agriculture. Pilot field-testing of these satellite-enabled BlinkR™ units began in March of 2017 and was completed in August of 2017.

When coupled with in-situ sensors, BlinkRs™ periodically collect and store digital readings of subsurface soil moisture content, ambient temperature and humidity, and geoposition. This data is collected day and night, and uploaded to a cloud-based database periodically via satellite where it can be accessed using Blink’s subscription-based custom web portal. Blink’s initial global IoT/M2M strategy is to target individual customers and large businesses operating in the precision agriculture sector to enhance digital farming applications. Please visit to request a quote.

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